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Taivas Consults is a premium consulting service focusing on auditing your business` existing digital strengths and brand value. We use our expertise in digital advertising and brand engagements to give you a complete picture of your business.

We tell you:

1. The gaps in your digital strategy.

2. Social platforms you need to start using.

3. Easy methods to leverage influencers and paid campaigns.

4. In case, you want to pay for a full-agency retainer.

Taivas Consults is perfect for legacy and old businesses. We make the transition easy from traditional to digital marketing. We make use of all our teams, from video production to paid media, to give you an all-round picture of your business.

Change your business today.

Our Work

Graphi Tales

With innovative services like presentation designing, GIFographics, and animated videos, Graphi Tales is a visual content design agency. In our consultation services, we help them to recognize various marketing options to sell their services including, collaborating with macro influencers.
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Safe Masti

Created a social media campaign for Safe Masti, a project by Elton John AIDS Foundation.

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