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Lanka Machan

Developed a web platform for Sri Lankan Government promoting HIV awareness in an interactive way among Young Urban MSM.

Safe Masti

Created a social media campaign for Safe Masti, a project by Elton John AIDS Foundation.
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Influencer Marketing - Little Maryam (Novel)

We used the power of famous bloggers and social influencers to help Hamid market his book to the right audience. Our efforts led to Hindustan Times publishing a story about his book writing journey and Little Maryam reached number 1 in the new release category.
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Ashwani Sharma - Counicillor, ward number 19, Gurugram

Managed the election campaign for Ashwani Sharma. We managed Facebook, Instagram, and wrote the election manifesto for Mr. Ashwani Sharma. He is now the counicillor for ward number 19 in Gurugram.
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Graphi Tales

With innovative services like presentation designing, GIFographics, and animated videos, Graphi Tales is a visual content design agency. In our consultation services, we help them to recognize various marketing options to sell their services including, collaborating with macro influencers.
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Breathe Fresh

Breathe Fresh

In their attempt to provide solution to harmful indoor air, Breathe Fresh sells various products which help to reduce indoor pollution. After a good analysis of both the online and offline market of such products, we suggested to make their website more user-friendly and start a social media campaign to create brand awareness.
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