2018 LinkedIn Marketing Guide: A Comprehensive Guide to LinkedIn Marketing

2019 LinkedIn Marketing Guide: A Comprehensive Guide to LinkedIn Marketing

Like everyone, you know that you need to have a LinkedIn profile. But you don't know how to use it to grow your business.

Agree or not, the world’s largest professional network is definitely worth your time and effort, especially, if you are a business owner or professional.

With 562 million, million users worldwide, LinkedIn has really upped the game in generating B2B leads and building brand awareness through effective content creation and sharing.

Do not believe us!

According to a study, out of all the social media platforms, LinkedIn is the most effective online platform for B2B lead generation. Almost 40% of the marketers indicated that LinkedIn is the most important network for generating leads, beating Facebook and Twitter by 3% and 25% respectively.

Why is LinkedIn`s B2B marketing awesome for brands?

LinkedIn drives more than half of all the social media traffic to B2B blogs and sites. It has truly become the goldmine for B2B marketers to find new leads for their businesses.

Source: Foundation

Plus, Facebook and Twitter’s recent changes in algorithm will focus on improving user experience, which will limit the organic reach of brands.

According to Digipaly, ‘LinkedIn says that comments, likes and shares are up more than 60% year-on-year, ‘due to product updates, new features and analytics.’

In the recent years, LinkedIn has been focusing more on upgrading functionalities to its already powerful marketing and ad features, creating new opportunities to reach out. Be it advanced search filter and leveraging the user data or introducing new video ad format and content options, LinkedIn has been proving its potential like never before.

With 61 million senior-level influencers and 40 million decision makers, LinkedIn is truly a storehouse of new opportunities. But if you want to get serious about attracting potential clients, you need to have a good game plan!

How to get leads from LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is based on the concept of the web of networking. One of its best features is six degree of separation approach (first introduced by Frigyes Karinthy in 1929) which allows the user to see how they are connected to potential clients via their own connections.

But as they say, the world is shrinking.

As per a new study by Facebook, the number has come down to 3.5 degrees.

‘Each person in the world (at least among the 1.59 billion people active on Facebook) is connected to every other person by an average of three and a half other people.’

We are more connected than we ever were. But this would come as bad news for B2B marketers.

Smaller world means a much smaller lead generation window!

How to find new leads in such a scenario?

All you need to do is actively participate on LinkedIn using smart and effective content strategy that’s best for your brand.

Here are 8 tips that will help your business to ace the game of LinkedIn marketing:

1) Creating your company page

• Click on the Create Company Page option and you’ll get this:

• Add your company name and an image.
Pro Tip: You can add the logo to the image. But for header be more careful. Pick something that truly resonates with your company’s beliefs and product. Something relevant that will grab the attention instantly. Remember, don’t go over the top with mushy images. Always keep it professional.

• Add the description in the About Section
Pro Tip: No one wants to read the facts about your company. Retaining only a few details about your brand, keep the rest of text like your pitch to your potential customers. Avoid stating dry facts about your growth but be a little creative here and go straight to the point. Try not to exceed the word limit though.

Here’s what Four Season hotels have done with their description!

Keeping the facts at the least, the description is a direct pitch to the clients talking about what the brand is about.

• Now fill out the other information like your industry, website link, etc., just below the About us section.

• Next is adding your physical location. Adding these things will help your potential lead to know you better. Besides, it also helps to stay connected in your local arena. Local referrals provide a great deal of opportunities if you leverage them correctly.

• The last element is to add your featured groups. They can be a really powerful way to find leads, and we’ll come to it later in the blog.

And that’s it! Now you have your company page ready. But always remember, keep your company page optimized and updated.

2) Content is the King!

LinkedIn is no different when it comes to content marketing. Once you are done with your company page, start developing and sharing the content.

Though one may find it difficult to get ready consumers for your content on LinkedIn even after having two-thirds of the platform user are “news junkies.”

Solution? Post every day and make it a habit.

As LinkedIn themselves claim, it takes 10 articles to get one conversion, posting more content becomes highly crucial.

Start with one post a day and increase the number with time. Don’t post all at once. Spreading your content out will lead to more reach and get more engagement.

You can post in 3 formats: an article, images, and video, on LinkedIn and we’d suggest to utilize all three in your strategy.

What kind of content you can post on your LinkedIn page?

a. Blogs posts: It could be on any topic that belongs to your niche. Have a catchy title and upload an interesting header image to grab the attention.

b. Business Insights/Updates: You can share new insights or research-based case studies about your industry. You can also post updates about your own brand.

c. How-To-Do and List-style Posts: As per a study, sharing 2,000 words posts work better and get more attention on LinkedIn. Neil Patel would be the right example to demonstrate this point after having built an empire through B2B style posts on LinkedIn.

From the year 2018, he has been focussing more on video format on his LinkedIn page.

d. Sharing quotes or quick tips: Images or texts will both work. Make sure it’s easy to read and thought-provoking yet straightforward quotes/ tips.

Try not to post on any controversial topics or something that’s out of your expertise. And MOST importantly, never post too personal posts. You have to understand it’s not Facebook or Instagram; it’s a professional-social platform.

3) Search your people

Most of the time, conversion is all about meeting one right person. And what if you get connected to the same person doing a thorough search on LinkedIn.

The platform lets you search for individuals with laser-like accuracy.

By clicking on People in your Search section, you will be directed to more options to customize your search based on Location, Level of Connection and Current Companies.

There you can select the level of connection, location and the company you are targeting.

Once you find the right person, you can send them an InMail, which is a paid feature, to introduce yourself.

You can go even further while looking for the connection by clicking on All Filters. There you’ll find more categories to customize your search. Consequently, making your result more accurate and short.

Remember, organizations will not come to you; you need to go to them. This feature is the right tool for you to reach them.

4) Save Searches

Once you have a list of highly targeted people, you’ll want to save it. Obviously, getting B2B leads isn’t one and done thing. You need to have a record to ensure a steady pipeline of sales.

And LinkedIn provides that feature also. When you are done with your advanced search, you can save it using the search option on the same page.

You are allowed to set up alerts too with the save search options.

If you have an upgraded subscription, only then you can save more than three searches.

5) InMail

If we are talking about LinkedIn marketing strategy, we can’t miss one minor yet useful feature: InMail. It’s a paid feature that allows you to contact with ANYONE on LinkedIn.

But the feature is totally worth your money!

It’s a great way to introduce yourself and initiate a personal conversation with people who might be interested in your brand.

The good news is InMail response rate is 3 times that of a traditional email. Meaning? You have more chances of making a deal there!

Using LinkedIn InMail also allows you to send messages on a large scale at one go.

LinkedIn even provides some tips for beginners to write InMails to increase the response rates.

6) Leverage Groups

One feature that will help you to know more people belonging to your niche is through LinkedIn GROUPS.

One useful way to find a block of leads is by searching groups and being part of them. Find those groups which are highly relevant to your business and be active.

Whenever you find a conversation around your industry, get involved by commenting and sharing.

Though groups don’t have an advanced search feature but are still an excellent place to find like-minded people and engage with them.

In short, you have a large number of professionals who belong to your industry. You can build relationships with them for free!

To get more power in groups, you can start your own!

If you can’t find a group that’s not for your industry, then create one. Group ownership does help you to stand as a leader in your industry.

The group can be public or invite-only, as per your wish. But if you want to have a community of a particular set of professionals, invite-only would be a better option. Besides, it adds a bit more authority.

The idea is to be a leader, so no salesy stuff!

7) Ads & Sponsored Content

Like all the social media platforms, LinkedIn too runs ads.

Marketers usually use Text ads which show up at the top right side of the page. These ads include a brief ad copy plus an optional image. However, LinkedIn themselves recommend adding some kind of visual to attract more users to your ads.

Grab your audience’s attention with creative headlines that directly speak to your potential clients.

Add some value offer to lure the right people. DO NOT sell things rather educate/inform them.

Another way to advertise on LinkedIn is through sponsored content.

Sponsored content is a normal post that you can boost to get more engagement. It is ideal for increasing follower count, promoting brand awareness and generating more leads!

Always remember, be it text ads or sponsored content, the key is to address your audience in your headline directly!


According to research by LinkedIn, it creates a 19% higher CTR and 53% higher conversion rate.

There are two more kinds of ads - Video ads and Dynamic Ads.

While video ads appear in users’ feeds and auto-play silently by default, dynamic ads appear according to the user who is seeing the ad and very useful for lead generation.

Since the video is the present and future of the digital world, I’d definitely suggest you to make more video content.

8) Follow LinkedIn Marketing Blog

No website would tell better about LinkedIn marketing than LinkedIn itself.

LinkedIn Marketing blog is a custom curated selection of articles having all the tips and tricks for new marketers.

A habit of daily reading these articles can really impact your marketing strategy. After all, you’ll be updated beforehand any new changes or a trend.

LinkedIn offers a lot of opportunities to generate leads for your business. You just need to grab the right knowledge and make the best use of it. Do not wait for the magic to happen and the big company will approach you. Create it by yourself.

Next time you are on LinkedIn, make sure you spend a good amount of time taking care of one of the above strategizes.

You never know how this one strategy will lead you to your next B2B lead.

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