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2019 Facebook Marketing Guide: A Comprehensive Guide For Facebook Marketing

2019 Facebook Marketing Guide: A Comprehensive Guide For Facebook Marketing

Facebook has more than 2 billion monthly active users. In 2017, Facebook generated more than $39 Billion dollars in ad revenue.

This revenue comes from 5 million businesses who advertise on Facebook. Everyone, from Fortune 500 companies to two-person startups, is using Facebook ads for reaching out to their target audiences.

The reason is very simple: Facebook marketing works. And it works for everyone. This guide will tell you the very basics of online marketing focusing solely on Facebook.

You can be someone who has run multiple Facebook campaigns or just starting out and have no idea how Facebook marketing works, this guide will be useful to anyone who wants to learn Facebook marketing.

What is Facebook marketing?

Facebook marketing means to publish content around your business to attract prospective customers and engage with your existing customers. Every business or individual has a different objective. Some of the most common Facebook marketing objectives are:

1. To create brand awareness among prospective customers;
2. To communicate and build a relationship with customers;
3. To generate business leads and get new business;
4. Create a customer feedback and suggestions channel.

You can choose more than one objective for your business. In real life scenarios, everyone business has more than one expected objective. Engaging with clients, generating leads, and more revenue, all of them are good objectives to have.

Having a set objective from the beginning helps you design your campaign and choose the type of content you want to publish on Facebook. In general, there are 4 or 5 major type of content you can publish on Facebook.

What to post on Facebook?

Facebook offers you many content-posting options to choose from:

1. Videos;
2. Photos/Images;
3. Status Updates/Text;
4. User Generated Content (UGC) - A mix of everything;
5. Blog Posts;
6. VR Content: 360 Degree Videos
7. Instant Articles.


With more than a billion daily video views, Facebook has become a prefered channel for video consumption. Youtube is still the biggest video platform for videos, but Facebook is catching up fast.

Facebook has two big advantages: first is the enormous reach facebook provides with it’s 2 billion monthly active users; second is the ad targeting options present on Facebook. By using tools, like Facebook Pixel, Custom Audience and Lookalike Audiences, you can basically reach to anyone you identify as a prospective customer.

(Side Note: Separate blogs are coming soon on how to use Facebook Pixel, Custom Audience, and Lookalike Audiences)

Live Videos VS Video Posts

Facebook is going crazy to increase the Facebook Live and video post usage among general public and businesses. Facebook is spending more than $50M dollars to celebrities and influencers to produce more video content. Live videos are seen 3 times more than regular videos.

While you are doing a Facebook Live, keep asking question and encourage your viewers to comment. This will help to engage the viewers and make them feel inclusive in the process. As a thumb rule, keep explaining the process of your Facebook Live and introduce yourself after every few minutes.

New viewers are constantly joining the Live feed and it might not make any sense to them. Keep telling them about you and your stream`s objective.

Seeing what Facebook is doing and after analysing user behaviour, it tells us that Facebook realises the power of videos and see a shift in people consuming behaviours. Producing video content, both live and regular video posts, is a trend which is only going to go up in coming years.

Facebook Video (Tips and Suggestions)

Use captions in your videos

According to FB, brands should produce videos which can be consumed without the sound. As Digiday reports, 85 percent of Facebook videos are being watched without the sound. Adding captions to your video, using either a .SRT file or making them a part of the video, increases the watch time by 12 percent, Facebook tells us.

Produce content for mobile consumption Both for Facebook and advertisers, mobile has become a preferred choice. As of Q4 2017, 89% of Facebook ad revenue comes from mobile. This means people are shifting from a desktop-first environment to a mobile-first world.

In our view, we are moving towards a mobile-only world. The devices we hold in our hands has more computing power than the most powerful computer 20 years ago. We are moving towards a world where mobile phones will be our only source of content consumption. This changes everything for brands and businesses. The solution is to start producing content for mobile-based apps.

5 Second Rule (first 5 seconds of your video)

A user will decide the fate of your video in first 5 seconds. If she finds your content interesting and useful, she will continue to watch it. If she doesn't, well, you know it very well. Take this with a pinch of salt. All we want to say is that try to get viewers` attention in first 5 seconds. It can be done by including a catchy intro or something exciting that will hook your readers in.

Everyone from Casey Neistat or Gary Vaynerchuk, both of them are considered as the masters of online marketing, follow the same principle. You don't need to copy their style or message, but you can surely take some inspiration from them. You stick to your strengths and message.

What Should Be The length of Your Facebook Videos

Traditional advertising tells you to make 30-seconds videos. Most of the agencies are still making these 30-second TVC-like videos on Facebook. Don't follow this herd mentality. Making 30-sec videos made sense only platform to distribute your videos was TV commercials.

In 2018, it does not. Facebook allows you to create and publish long-form videos. People don't want to see advertisement, they want to watch entertaining, funny, emotional, content. People are interested in stories, not in products. Where do you come from? What triggered you to start your company? Is there a tragic story behind all the glory? Customers want to know all of this.

Creating long-form videos on Facebook allows you to tell a better story. We are not saying shorter videos don't work at all, of course they do. But given the scope Facebook has, longer videos are a better option.

In the next part, we will write about publishing different content on Facebook and paid ads.

Tell us if you have run Facebook ads and what was the result.

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